Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Secret Key To Master Relationship Marketing

Marketing is different than sales.  In sales, you approach your prospects. In marketing they approach you after you've given them some compelling reason to do so.  You have offered your client or customer some benefit that motivates them to approach you for your product or service because it fulfills some need or desire they have. It's called Attraction Marketing.
Before people will do business with you however, they must first Know, Like and Trust you. That's the magic bullet in any marketing strategy.  If you can achieve that desired effect in the emotions of your customer, then the world is at your finger tips when it comes to business.  They will not only buy from you over and over again, but they'll tell others how great you are and you'll experience what every business owner dreams of - a constant flood of willing buyers who in turn send you more referrals. Even if your services are more expensive, customers will still willingly choose you if they know, like and trust you and if you can find a way to make them feel special and appreciated!
A mistake most business owners make is trying to "pitch" their product or service to customers through flyers, ads, email marketing and a myriad of other techniques that drain your revenues and produce little or no results. Often, these pitches drive your customers away from you rather than attract them. People don't appreciate being pitched.  Here's a phrase that will forever change your marketing paradigm if you listen closely and implement it!  Appreciation Wins Over Promotion Every Time! Did you catch that? Did you listen? Read it again!  Appreciation wins over promotion every time? But how do you do that effectively?
Studies show that is cost far less to keep a customer than it does to get a new one. But how do you do that?  How do you make your customers feel appreciated so they come back to you as their first and hopefully only choice for your services? Unless you keep yourself in the front of your customer's mind and make them feel genuinely appreciated, they will soon forget you simply because their attention is easily diverted on the issues of life.  If a competitor approaches them and makes the service more convenient, they are likely to jump ship and your repeat sales from that customer are gone, and so are the referrals they could potentially give you.
What if there was a simple, convenient and very inexpensive way to attract new customers, and make your existing customers feel so appreciated that they would flood your business with sales and you'd have a never-ending river of hungry referrals wanting what you offer, and price wasn't the motivating factor? What if you could make them feel so appreciated that they would never leave you and this Master Relationship Marketing system could be put basically on auto-pilot? 
I'd like to invite you to review a couple of short videos that will show you the ULTIMATE Master Relationship Marketing system that does all of this, and much more.  One of the business owners that you'll meet is Casey who previously spent $80,000 a year on a marketing campaign in LA to advertise his video rental business.  After implementing this simple strategy, his phone literally rang off the wall, and he was able to sell his business a year later for TWICE it's previous value because it worked so effectively.  Take a look and see what you think! 

Oh, here's another unexpected example.  My friend Eddie Holford lives in Portland and just started franchising mobile coffee vans.  I sent him a "Congratulations" card and he's going to join SendOutCards. Watch the reaction people have.

Here's another unsolicited video a friend sent me.  We've never met personally and have only know each other for two weeks on Facebook.  I don't think he'll ever forget us! :)

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Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Make Professional Videos with Movie Maker

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth ten million!

Videos and video marketing are one of the most powerful ways to tell your story, brand yourself, explain your affiliate product and market your MLM.  Before people will join your business or buy from you, they must first get to "Know, Like and Trust" you and there is no better way to do this than with videos. In this video, you'll get to meet me, and I'll walk you step by step through how to produce a simple, yet powerful video using Movie Maker.  It's all free, but it's still really powerful.  Hope it's of benefit to you.

How to Make Professional Graphics with Canva for Free!

Have you seen graphics like this on Facebook and Twitter?  Ever wonder how people make them?  Graphic Designers typically use a program like Photo-Shop or some other design software.

In this video I'm going to show you step by step how to make Professional Looking graphics like this for FREE.  You can brand yourself, your product or service, and look like a real professional. You won't believe how easy this is! You can use these pictures to market your affiliate products, your MLM or create WOW-Factor pictures for your blog post, Facebook post or Tweets. Watch the video and reach out to let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

MLM Sponsoring Tips - How To Sponsor More People Into Your Business

If you want to build a highly profitable network marketing business, you have to master the fundamental skills that you're being paid for - Sponsoring and Recruiting Quality People as Your Business Partners.  That's your job description and it's the key to team duplication and it is the primary thing that you're getting paid to do. So doesn't it make sense that you learn how to sponsor more people into your MLM?

There are 4 MLM Sponsoring tips that are fairly fundamental.  Your company can fail.  Your network can disappear.  But if you master the skills, you can rebuild anywhere with another company.  So I've taken this as a serious objective of mine personally to become a master my skills.  I use a system in my business called My Lead System Pro - MLSP that has helped top leaders in the industry become the TOP in our global career of network marketing.  It doesn't matter what business you're in, you'll need tools and training to do business and MLSP is by-far the best and most professional suite on the planet. You may want to check it out   CLICK HERE  So here are four steps to sponsoring more quality people into your MLM.

1. Build and Keep Rapport

In order for people to do business with you, they must know, like, and trust you.  That's what rapport is all about.  Getting people to immediately know, like, and trust you, and you need to learn how to do this fairly quickly in the conversation.

If you're new to network marketing, you might be nervous, unsure of yourself, feel inadequate and nervous. You're going to have to work through this for a while until you start feeling more professional.  One suggestion might be to let the person you're talking to that you're starting a new business venture and would like them to help you out by letting you practice on them.  This is a good and non threatening approach for friends and family.

Understand that 90% of communication is transmitted through voice inflection and body language. In order to get comfortable and portray confidence, it best to start with memorising some good scripts, and spend hours going over them in your head until you can say them naturally.  

2. Ask The Right Questions and Uncover Their "WHY"

The more skilled you become at asking questions, the more successful you will become in sponsoring quality people. You stay in control of the conversation when you are the one asking the questions, so learn how to do it well, often and professionally. Think of your conversation like you are the Head of the HR department of a Fortune 500 company and you're interviewing a potential candidate for a top position in the company.  You're going to interview several candidates before selecting the right one and not everyone is going to qualify.  

When prospecting for professionals, I'll contact them with this type of question, "Hi Carol, I'm Greg and was just looking at your smiling face on your website.  I'm an entrepreneur and I'm expanding one of my operations in your area and looking for some high quality professional people and I have just a quick question for you.  Do you at all keep your options open to making some good money on the side if it didn't interfere with what you're presently doing?"  I already know that Carol's going to say one of two things - "No, I've already got more on my plate than I can handle."  or "I might be, what is it?"  What you say from this point is critically important!

If you TELL or SELL her, you're dead in the water.  CLICK- conversation over. I'll say something like this.  "Carol, before I get into any details, let me ask you is this a good time to visit or should we schedule a better time for a conversation?"  I've just communicated that I'm professional and value our time.  If she says she has time, I'll then ASK more questions.  "Carol, let me ask you why you answered yes to my question - why are you keeping your options open?"  Listen, and keep in the asking more qualifying questions mode.  You'll learn what her "WHY" is and you'll uncover if she's really the type of person you want in your business.  There is a really really great training by Todd Falcone where you can listen to him prospecting professionals.  Click on Todd's picture on the left of this post and you'll see it.

3. Qualify Them For Your Time

Remember, you're an entrepreneur and you'r expanding your operation and looking for some high quality people who are keeping their options open to making some good money on the side of what they're presently doing. After you have asked a few initial questions, you'll know if you have the type of person that might qualify.  But you need more info.

You're going to want to ask questions like, "Carol, how much time would you realistically have to commit to a side project?" "On a scale of 1-10, how serious would you be if this was something you felt was a good fit for you?"  It sounds like you might be the type of person I'd like to work with, let me tell you what I'd like you to do next to see if this is going to be a fit for both of us.

4. Give Them A Call To Action

"Carol telling you about my business over the phone is not going to give you a fair overview. If I sent you a 30 minute video overview, how soon would you be able to review it for sure?"  She'll tell you, then set the follow-up appointment like this.  "Carol you sound like a sharp pro and after reviewing the video, you'll know immediately if this could be a good fit for you or not.  Either way is OK with me so here's what i'd like you to do.  Put our follow up appointment on your calendar and I'll call to follow up.  If you think this may not be a fit for you, then text or email me back so I can schedule that slot for someone else.  Would you do that for me?"   Great, Let me get your best email and in the subject like I'll put in "Business overview from Greg King".

Great talking Carol, listen I've got tons of other calls to get on, so I look forward to chatting tomorrow at 9!  Bye for now.  CLICK.

Hope this has given you a few tips.  Check out MLSP and see how you can generate tons of leads online and make money even if people decide not to join you in your business.  CLICK HERE

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How To Make Money on Facebook. PDF and Video!

There are 1.8 Billion people on Facebook. You can actually build a global business if you do it the proper way. The question is, "How to make money on Facebook the right way?" If you'd like me and a million other amateurs, you may have tried posting your business opportunity on your personal page, bugging and annoying friends, family and potential visitors. I've learned a few things after taking this course and a couple of other marketing courses that have helped. .  Here's a free training course to teach you how to market there properly! Get it HERE==>

1. Do NOT Market on your Personal Page

When you signed up to Facebook, you got a personal page.  This has your own personal timeline for photos of you, your friends, your activities and other personal things you like to share. This is where you interact socially with people.  It's OK to put a little something about your business on your personal page occasionally, may-be once a week, but that's pretty much it.  You need to keep your prospecting efforts off of your personal page.

2. Build a Quality Fan Page

Your Fan Page is what you want to have for your business.  An example of mine is If you notice, my Fan Page is branded to look like my blog, my twitter page ( and my YouTube channel.  My emails also have the same header.  When people see your logo, picture or your cover, they immediately connect this content as yours.  

3. Post Quality Content on Facebook

You want to post quality content on your fan page, but you also want some high quality content if you post anything on business groups.  You don't want to be guilty of spamming on groups that you post in.  That's how amateurs do it.  "Join me and make a MILLION dollars.. here's my link!"  Yuck! Instead, offer quality information in a group,  For instance, I make a good looking graphic on Canva with my picture and blog url on it, then I'll put a link back to my blog post and give a brief description of the content they'll receive if they click on the link.  It's all about Marketing.  The goal is to drive traffic back to your blog, which should be the center of all your marketing efforts on the internet.  Think of every other piece of content or link as a spoke that takes people back to your blog which is your on-line hub of business.

There are a lot more tips you need to see, so I'd advise taking this free course. This 90 minute video training comes with a 77 page pdf with pictures to show you step by step what to do on building a really professional marketing funnel on Facebook.  As I said, I learned a lot from it and you will too.  GET IT HERE!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Power Prospecting - How This Guy Sponsored 1,277 into ONE Business!

How important is prospecting?  It is THE most important skill set needed if you're serious about building a home based business. 

In order to provide a solution to a customer or business partner, you first must understand their "pain." What are they trying to solve? More money? Freedom? Health?  You must know this information.

The only way to really get to know your prospect is to call them, introduce yourself and ask questions - LOTS of questions. You want to make the call, and introduce yourself with something like this, "Hi, is this Joe?  Joe, I'm Greg King and I'm calling from my house in Dickinson, ND. You joined my newsletter about making money from home and I'm just reaching out to introduce myself.  Is this a good time for a short visit?"

If it's a good time, then you're going to ask Joe questions, like why he's wanting to build a business, has he been successful before, how much he's wanting to make and for what, etc.  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

5-Step Stupid Simple Daily Routine to More MLM Leads and Sales on Facebook

Yesterday, my colleague, Antonio Thompson was a guest trainer on a webinar where he shared his 5 Step Stupid Daily Routine to More MLM Leads and Sales on Facebook.  Check him out on Facebook.  He's a ROCK Star in the home business arena. 

Have you been attempting to grow your network marketing business on social media, particularly Facebook, but not getting the results you desire?  You've been following the advice of your upline sponsor or watching what everyone else in your company is doing - posting before and after pictures, product pictures and links to your business opportunity video or capture page, but not seeing MLM Leads or sales coming in.

You know, you're not alone.  I was there once, almost a year ago - posting product pictures and my link all over Facebook hoping and waiting for the flood gates of free network marketing leads to come in.  Guess what?  They never came!

I got discouraged and was on the verge of quitting.  Then I discovered a system called My Lead System Pro and it changed everything for me.

You see, there were people having success on Facebook and online to the tune of 6 and 7 figures, and the strategies they were using did not include any of the strategies I mentioned above.  In fact, they were just being normal.

Imagine that "being normal and social" online can actually help you attract free work from home leads.  Below are some of my daily practices in my business to get free MLM Leads on Facebook.
By the way, here's a FREE 10 Page Report to Get Started With Facebook Marketing. CLICK HERE

1. Share Value Based Blog Posts and Videos

Each day I start by writing a value-based post and shooting a video around the same topic.  If you're not blogging or doing a video and providing value to your niche, you need to start doing so NOW.  It is the only way for you to build your brand, authority and expertise in your niche.

When I'm writing my blog post, I'll post it to my fan page, personal page and several other groups in the morning.  And I will schedule my video to be published int he afternoon and then share that video across the same group.  This approach has generated several free MLM Leads because of the "Call To Action" I include in my video and post.

2. It's Somebody's Birthday!

One of the easiest ways I've found to reconnect with old friends and find out what's going on is through Birthdays.  Every day someone is having a birthday.  This is a great opportunity for you to stand out from everyone else.  Most people will simply post on their wall and say Happy Birthday.  Not me.  I send each person a private message saying Happy Birthday and asking a question.  Youw question can be as simple as, "Doing anything special to celebrate?"

Your goal is not to pitch people or sell them out of the fate on social media.  You want to get to know them and build a relationship, and if the conversation leads down a path where it's appropriate for you to share you business opportunity, then that's what you are looking for.  If the door doesn't open, don't pitch them!  I've generated a lot of free MLM Leads this way.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great source of fre leads.  A good majority of groups that are  network marketing and MLM Focused ar a real "spam fest" but this presents a huge opportunity if you're providing helpful information.

What I've found that works really well is introductions.  Most people join Facebook groups and NO ONE, except me welcomes them into the group.  I basically send them a private message saying, "Hey, Welcome to the group.  Glad you're here.  Would love to connect.  Add me as a friend!" Simple!

4. Friend Requests

If you're like me, you probably get a lot of friend requests daily.  Often times, it's other network marketers pitching me about their opportunity.  Remember the goal with social media is to be SOCIAL!  What I do to generate more FREE MLM Leads is to ignore their initial pitchy message and just say "Hi, great to meet you.  How are you?" Start a real conversation. You already know they are trying to build their business and you also know that they aren't very skilled or successful doing it because of the approach they are using with you.

My goal is really to get to know them and share some tips and education on marketing.  This is a great opportunity for me to share some tips and offer a real solution to them - My Lead System Pro!

5. Authority Pages

The final step on how to get free MLM Leads on Facebook is through engagement on other people's Facebook page, especially leaders and authorities in your niche. 

Leaders and authorities in your industry will typically have a lot of fans who comment on their posts. Their comments reveal a lot about them.  I will "like" their comment, then leave a brief comment like, "Thanks for sharing,"  or "Good comment."  I then ask them to send me a friend request and tell them that I'd like to connect with them.

This was the article by Antonio and it's really good and practical.  A couple other tips I've learned from my friend Robert Hollis (who earns $2.5 million and uses this exact formula on Facebook) is that once a person friends you, then thank them and send them a free digital gift, like Jim Rohn Audios or Think and Grow Rich audios.  There are also a TON of free give away videos and pdf's in My Lead System Pro. When you give a new friend something of great value to help them in their business, you automatically start building credibility and they will start to follow what you're doing and snoop around your blog or Fan Page and seeing what you're up to. You're helping your new friend Know, Like and Trust you and these are the values that must be present before they will join you in any business. 

Another reason I love MLSP is that I have a time tested proven system that can literally help anyone in any business succeed.  Help them be successful and learn how to market, and there's a great chance they will join you in your primary business later down the line!

Take a free $10 test drive with MLSP and see why the top leaders like Ray Higdon rose to the top in the industry. Try it out by clicking HERE

Thursday, March 17, 2016

100 Day Business Challenge - The Tools You Need For Success!

This powerful video shows a 14 week journey where 200 Deadly serious Success-Seeking Entrepreneurs set out to develop the skills and habits that until now, only the top 1% of the leaders in the Home business industry knew. This tool will give you a roadmap for your success and a support system you've been wanting!

This team was led by industry leaders and called "The 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge." They selected 200 overwhelmed and struggling people to simplify their businesses, get quality leads and finally achieve the success they'd been hoping for.  You'll definitely want to check out this video and take the 100 day challenge yourself!  You won't regret it! Watch the video by CLICKING HERE!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Get 4 Million to View Your Tweets!

I signed up for this training video and started implementing it and got 5 new followers within the first hour!

It takes a little time to implement the instructions, but once you get your system set up, you can send tweets automatically and schedule them at predetermined intervals.

You can add blog posts you want people to see or products or opportunities.

I highly recommend you get this.  Click HERE

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Understanding Your Personality For Success

Did you know that there are four major personality types? The best way I remember them is Lion, Beaver, Otter and Golden Retriever.  There are four sub personalities under each of them.  In this video I'll help you understand the basics of these personalities so you can better understand yourself and uncover the reasons why you might have conflict with certain people.  The better you understand personalities, the more successful you can be in relationships and business! Watch my video and take your own personality test. Enjoy!

If you want to recruit Leaders Personalities into your business, you need to focus on approaching them properly. Here's a great training on how to do it like a Pro!  CLICK HERE

10 Things Successful People Do Every Morning

Successful people have rituals that they typically do every morning.  My friend Robert Hollis calls then RICH-uals because if you do them over and over again, they keep your mind healthy and focused and will result in you becoming Rich if that's your goal.  Hope you enjoy the video.
What is your favorite story?  Did you know that people remember stories much more than they do facts and details?  Here's a free 2 hour webinar with a Stay-At-Home-Mom who makes more money than most doctors and lawyers. She will help you become a master story teller for your business CLICK HERE

Monday, March 7, 2016

Handling Objections Like A Pro

One of the most common questions is how to handle objections.  Expect them, they will come almost 100% of the time, so get comfortable with them.

There is a three step formula for handling them like a pro:

1.  Validate the objection. 
2. Qualify their interest
3. Help them

1. Validate the Objection.
Many people will offer an objection that sounds legitimate, but it may not be.  They do this as a polite way to say no or tell you they aren’t really interested, but they don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they offer what sounds like a legitimate objection or reason for not taking action or buying your product, service or opportunity.

If they say, “I want to think about it,”  you’ll call them a day or two later and they end up not taking your call or avoiding you.  Now it feels like you’re chasing them and it ends up damaging your relationship.

The objective of the Validation step is to show your posture, and legitimately let them off the hook if they really don’t want to do it! You are looking for a quick and honest no if they aren’t really interested rather than an excuse that may not be real.

Here’s how to handle the objection, “ I don’t have the money.”   You validate their objection by saying, “Hey John, I hear you and totally understand, but let me ask you a question…”

2. Qualify Their Interest
Here’s the question you ask John to qualify his interest and you are going to qualify it two times!  “ Be totally honest with me.  Is it really that you don’t have the money, or are you just saying that as a polite way of saying no?  I’m cool either way because I just want to help you. “

Now if John responds, “No, I just really don’t have the money.” You want to qualify his interest.  “So John, do you really want to do this?”  You’re letting him off the hook if he doesn’t want to do it and you’re keeping your posture as a professional.  Remember, the last thing you ever want to do is to chase an uninterested person and attempt to convince him!  Professionals sort, amateurs convince.

Then you ask John a second time, “Are you sure you really want to do this?”  You get him to tell you twice that he really wants to do this and ask him why.  He is now convincing you that he wants to do this and in so-doing, he’s selling himself.

3. Help Him.
Now you offer a solution to help John. There are a couple of ways to do this by asking questions and offering a scenario. "John, who do you love the most in your life?"  "If they were in jail for something they didn't do and you needed to come up with $500 to bail them out, would you get the money or let them stay in jail?"  If John tells you he would find the money, you could say something like this, "John, you're in financial jail and we need to bail you out.  If you're as serious as you just told me, let's bail you out and make you some money! Are you ready to get started?"

Another common objection is "I don't really have the time!" You will again do the three steps above and qualify his interest. You always want to do what's in his best interest not yours.  Say something like this, "You know John, aside from the time, do you like the concept.  Is this something you really want to do and could see yourself doing?"  If he says, "Yes, I want to do this!"  Then you respond by saying, "John, I don't need your time.  I just need you to introduce me to people you know and let me put some paychecks in your pocket to get you some time freedom.  Are you ready to get started?"

A more bold question to the "I don't have the time" objection is for you to ask this question, "How does that make you feel?"   Let John get authentic with you and listen to himself explain why he needs a Plan B.  Then you become a consultant.  "John the reason you don't have time is because of decisions or circumstances that have happened. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting. If you don't do something now to give you more time freedom, what will change in the next year or two?"  "If nothing, then let's get you started.  OK?"

A third common objection is, "I want to think about it." The wrong approach is to ask, "What is it that you want to think about."  That's confrontational and really doesn't uncover the real objection underlying their response. Again, validate, and qualify before proceeding. 

If he reassures you two times that he really wants to do this, then proceed with this question, "John, if you do this, do you want to make a little bit of money or a lot?" "Let me offer some coaching advice and let me know if I'm wrong. People either succeed or fail in life because of the decisions they make, would you agree with that?"  "The biggest hurdle that prevents the majority of people from achieving success and working for others is not that they don't have the opportunity, but they don't take the opportunity when it's offered. They put if off, and never get around to it."  It's been my experience that people who think about it, never do it.  So you either really don't want to do it, or you're making a mistake by not taking action to build your own success. So are you ready to get started?"

It's always good to quote someone else to help a person make the decision that's right for them. "Don't fear failure.  Fear being in the exact same place next as you are today!" You ready to get started?"

There is a science to this process and it’s magic.  Helping people overcome their limiting beliefs like time and money is where you start becoming a professional and a master rather than an amateur.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

How To Close Like a Pro – The “3-Step Setup”

The number one reason why you struggle to close the deal and enroll a new distributor is your specific belief and mind-set.  It’s how you perceive what’s happening.  If you believe you’re twisting somebody’s arm or taking advantage of someone then you really have to examine what’s happening in your own mind. You have to feel great about your company, your product and really believe that you would use the product or service even if a business opportunity wasn’t attached or you’d better look for another opportunity.

I’ve been in companies before that were great companies and had a great product, but to be honest, I wouldn’t use the product if there wasn’t an opportunity attached – so I changed.  The company I’m now with I absolutely LOVE and was a customer for a year before I started building the business.  I feel absolutely excited to share the product and the opportunity with my daughters and even my grandkids and I have zero hesitation closing someone into the opportunity because I honestly believe in my gut that it will benefit them and I’ll never have to feel bad about it. So the first step in closing is you must believe that what you’re offering is the real deal that you can share even with your grandkids or aunt with no emotional hesitation at all.

Closing begins with the invitation. Everything you do from the first time you open your mouth is leading to an end result.  The invite sells a meeting or time to sit down and do the presentation.  Nothing more.

When you start the presentation, you’ll begin by  setting the stage with three steps.  Here they are.

1. Share your WHY
As you begin you want to share not only what caused you to be open to looking at this opportunity, but what caused you to join.  The key here is authenticity. You can smell a fake a mile away and so can your prospect.

2. Big Deal, All In
In this step, you let them know that this is a big deal and that you’re all in. If you’re just dipping your toe in and trying it out then you have little to no chance of getting anyone to join you.

3. Doesn’t  Matter
This is where you reassure your prospect that it doesn’t matter if they decide to join you or not. You’re going to build this business with or without them, and the decision is totally up to them, but they deserve to at least hear about this. You’re doing them a favor showing them your company and not the other way around! You are qualifying them to see if they have what it takes to join you in a potential 6-figure opportunity and understand that not everyone will meet your standards and in all reality, you don’t want everyone to join you.  The quicker you can sort the tire kickers and skeptics from the doers and business builders, the quicker you will become successful. 

Think of the presentation as you interviewing them for an executive position in your corporation and you are the CEO. You’ll interview a lot more people than you hire because you want only the best. The faster you get this in your mind, the faster you’ll develop the posture of a real professional.

I used to sell financial services.  There was one product we had that was not a good choice for people unless they were going to be committed to stick with it for 10 years.  I was  #1 in our office selling it and the approach I took is I’d tell my client before the presentation, “Mary, I’m going to show you how to pay yourself first for the next 10 years, but I want to tell you up front this is a very  bad choice unless you’re going to stick with it for the long haul.”  After I showed it, I would again stress that I wouldn’t recommend they do this unless they were absolutely sure they were committed.”  To my amazement, I closed almost every person I showed the product to.  They loved it and referred people to me all the time.  I never once tried to persuade someone to buy one, in fact just the opposite. I was not attached to the outcome and they never felt pressure to buy. I’m still amazed at how people react.

4. Keep it Simple
John, after I show you what I’m about to I will ask you a question as to where you see yourself and what your interest level is.  I also want you to pay careful attention to how I show you and ask yourself if you could do what I’m doing with you.  Then hit the video, or demo the app or play the recording.  The simpler the presentation, the more easily a person can see themselves doing it.

The primary motivator that makes a person take action is emotion.  People buy on emotion, then back it up with logic.  Most people fail at closing because of their language after the presentation.  “So, what did you think?” Bad question because you just asked them a logical question.  You just accessed the logical side of the brain, not the buying side of the brain.

Many ask that question because it is the least confrontational question to ask.  Then after the person tells you what they think, you start to ramble and try to re-sell the opportunity, the company, the comp plan, blah, blah, blah and you’re pretty much dead in the water!  Why? Because you are now being a sales person and that’s the very thing they don’t want and can’t do comfortably. The more you try to sell, the less they want to join you because 95% of the people in the world hate to sell.

So, when the presentation is over you have only one job – collect a decision! “Are you ready to get started?”  If they have a question, answer it briefly and simply, then ask again, “so are you ready to get started?” Now let’s talk about some general rules for closing.

# 1 – Have Fun!
If it’s fun, people will want to join you because that’s a feeling and people buy on emotion. Again it’s got to be authentic.

# 2 Posture UP!
This is really really true and important.  They need you, you don’t need them! You’d love to have them as your partner, but you don’t need them.

# 3 Be Excited!
I’m typically not a really bubbly personality, but I genuinely get excited when I talk about my business. It’s fun, I love the response I get from my customers and family, and it comes naturally. You have to be genuinely excited about what you’re doing and what it could do for your prospect as well.

# 4 ZERO Emotional Attachment to the Outcome!
This is critically important.  This may take you a while to develop, but it is so vital.  Some will. Some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting.  You must be as emotionally detached from them saying YES or NO as the flight attendant offering you peanuts on the plane.  “Sir, would you like some peanuts?” No thanks.  “How about you maam, would you like some peanuts?”  Can you imagine how ridiculous she would look trying to talk you into taking peanuts and begging you?  That’s how ridiculous and unprofessional you look if you’re attached to the outcome of your presentation.

When you become unafraid of people saying NO, they actually start saying YES.

# 5 Learn to LOVE to Close!
People are afraid of rejection and that’s because they feel an emotional attachment to the outcome.  When you detach yourself from the outcome, closing actually becomes fun and enjoyable.

# 6 Assume the Sale
Of course they’re going to join you.  It’s called the assumptive close.  One way to do this is to have an application already filled out with as much information as possible and have it out.  When the presentation is done you can say, “If you feel good about what you just saw all we need to do is get the rest of the information and welcome you to the team.  Are you ready to get started?”

Effective Closing Lines
Use your own personality and vocabulary when memorizing these, but definitely memorize them so they become second nature.  Close early and close often.

Don’t start re-selling when the presentation is over, get right in to getting a decision.  You’re done with the presentation and simply do this.  Either high five or put out your hand and say, “You’re in, Right?” Or, “So, you ready to get started?” (as you nod your head YES).  “Do you have any questions or you ready to get started?”

One that I use, is before I start the presentation, I tell them this, “Bob most people who see what I’m about to show you love it and join us. There are four types of people that join us, 1. Customer, 2. Referral Partner, 3. Part Timer or 4. Full Time.  At the end of the presentation, I’ll ask you if you had to make a decision today, which one would you'd choose.” Then after the presentation, I ask which type they are and they already know that I’m going to.

Once you ask, SHUT UP!  It takes a person 8 seconds to process a decision in their mind. The average unprofessional sales person waits only 3 seconds before they feel the need to start talking again and re-selling.  If you talk first, you’ve just talked the person out of making a decision or at least derailed their thought process.  Ask and Shut Up!

If they ask a question, answer it briefly, then repeat the close, “So are you ready to get started?”  If another question, answer it, “So any more questions before we get you started?”

Two Step Close
Immediately after the presentation,  step 1 is “Awesome, what did you like best?” You are accessing the emotional side of the brain, which is the decision maker.”  They are going to tell you what they like.  Shut up, listen, smile and nod.  After they finish say, “Sounds like you’re ready to get started!”  Shut UP!

Three Step Close (especially for a video presentation)
1. “Awesome right?  What did you like best?”
2. “Great, listen I have to ask you a question to see if you qualify for this.  Do you think you can hit PLAY on a video like I just did with you?” YES.
3.  Congratulations!  You qualify.  Welcome to the team! Let’s get you plugged in and show you how to make all your money back in the next week. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Triggers Your Prospect To Open His Mind?

When you don’t understand the psychology of your prospect and their ‘buying’ motive, you’ll come across as an amateur. The indicators of an amateur are when you see yourself trying to persuade or convince a prospect and tell them all about your product, your comp plan, how great this opportunity is etc. That approach never works and you’ll build resistance from your potential business partner or customer.  The intelligent prospects will not believe your hype. And, you want intelligent people in your business.  You want to understand your client. 
Steven Covey, in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, states that , “You want to seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

Remember back to our first post.  People act on feelings that come from beliefs. So to effectively sign up people, you need to understand how motivation is created in the first place. What motivates you may not necessarily motivate the people you’re prospecting.  So let’s examine the principle on how motivation is created.

Motivation occurs when people sense an emotional gap between what people want and what they have.  Some refer to this as a person’s pain point.  Each of us has a pain point at some level. “I work too many hours and don’t have time for my family.”  “I don’t have the money to pay my bills or send my kids to college.” “I don’t have the resources to ever retire.”  These are pain points.

You may be attempting to motivate someone with money, but their motivation is time or helping others or caring for someone. You’ve missed the motivational trigger with that person.  In order to be effective, you have to do what Matt Morris calls, a “Gap Analysis.”

One man said, “I can help anyone get anything he wants. The problem is I can’t find people who really know what they want!”  If you learn the skill of asking clarifying questions to help a person uncover what it is they really want, then you’ve opened the door to share how your product or service can accomplish that need or want. There are three primary questions your prospect has when they look at your opportunity.

 1. Does it work?

People have become skeptical especially as it relates to Network Marketing, and understandably so.  People want to see proof that people are actually having success in your company.  Have you notices that infomercials typically spend at least half of the time showing other people who have had success? You need to arm yourself with stories and testimonials from people similar to your prospect that have had the success that they would like to have. Facts tell, stories sell, and it is the success stories within your company that can help your prospect answer one of their primary questions – “Does it work?”  If a person is a stay-at-home mom, do you have a success story of a stay-at-home mom? The more relatable your story or testimony, the better.

Talk about the success of your company and paint a vision of where it’s headed and put it in terms that helps your prospect see how that could relate to her.

2. Can I Do It?

This question is extremely important.  If they see it works for someone else, but don’t believe they could do it, then there’s very little hope of them joining you.  This is the number one reason people don’t join you. They don’t believe they can be successful and may be justifying that from previous failures in other companies. That’s why it’s critically important to always make your presentations stupid simple so a brand new person seeing it for the first time can say to themselves in their mind, “that’s easy… I can do that!”  

The more salesy you are, the less chance you have of enrolling people who don’t like sales. However, if you can show an easy, natural way to share your opportunity then you’re on the right track.  This is where third party information is crucially important. 

For instance, “Bob watch how simple it is for me to show this business to you.” I push play and show a video. Let the video do the work.  They can do that!  Show a website.  They can do that. But if you spout off about the ingredients of your product and the details of your comp plan, they either can’t or don’t want to do that! The more you talk, the less they will want to do what you’re doing.

If you’re doing a live presentation, then a good question you might ask the audience is this. “Can you do what the person who invited you to this presentation is doing right now?”  The person should be sitting quietly next to them!  Yep, they can do that!

Another tip to relieve a prospect’s mind is telling them this. “You have to promise me one thing. If you decide to join us you have to promise that you’re not going to go out and become a cheesy salesman!” Great!  I can do that!

Matt Morris also says that it is never a lack of time or money that hinders a person from joining you, it’s always a lack of belief that they can do it and be successful.  Tell them, “Julie, you can do this!”

3. Will You Help Me?

Many people have done Network Marketing before, but never got help when they needed it. Others have never tried it and want some assurance that you’ll be available to help when they have questions. You need to be able to tell your new business partner that you’ll walk them through everything step by step and will hold their hand until they feel comfortable.  Reassure them that they will give up on themselves long before you'll give up on them. 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fast Track To Success- Get a Mentor!

If you want to have huge success in life, find someone who has it, learn how they got it, do what they did to get it, and you'll have it yourself.  King Solomon, the richest and wisest man who ever lived, had a net worth estimated at $26 trillion dollars.  He said, "He who walks with the wise becomes wise, but a companion of fools comes to ruin!"  You learn from and become like the people you admire and to whom you open your heart and mind. 

Why should you have a mentor?  Well, why invent the average, when you can copy genius? Why try to re-invent the wheel when you already have people around who are driving on wheels on the race track going 200 mph?

Buying books and watching videos is good, but good is the enemy of GREAT!  If you want to fast track to success, find one or two mentors and devour everything they say and teach and watch how they do everything.  You have to understand their mindset and internalize it.  This idea refers back to the previous blog post on the psychology of success.  This is how you reprogram your mind so you get the right beliefs, which produce the correct feelings, that produce the actions that result in success and ultimately create the lifestyle you desire.

Don't be afraid to invest your time and money in getting a good mentor.  Fear is temporary.  Regret is forever.  If you're afraid to spend the extra money you don't have in order to get close to a mentor you may regret it for the rest of your life.

From your mentor, you'll want to learn mindset, prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing and leadership.   If you want to be a million dollar earner, learn what the million dollar earner did and probably still does, then DO THAT!  You don't want theory.  You want skills and mindset that actually work.  And you have to find a mentor with whom you have some level of rapport. Not every personality type works with each other and that's OK.  So here are some tips on working with a mentor:

1. Be humble, teachable and coachable.

If you chose a mentor, then he tells you to read a book, read the book and take notes! If your mentor tells you to listen to an audio, then listen and take notes. I've noticed when I attend a company convention or training the millionaires are always sitting on the front rows and they are all taking notes and stealing ideas from the other millionaires who are speaking.  To be a great leader, you also have to be a student and a great follower.  Shouldn't that be a hint?

It's well to respect a leader.  Learn from him.  Observe him.  Study him.  But don't worship him.  Believe that you can surpass and go beyond him and you will.  Those who harbor second best attitudes are invariably second best doers.

2. Listen and then teach what you learn the very next day.

Take notes.  Did I mention that a few times?  The dullest pencil is still sharper than the sharpest mind! You always learn more when you prepare to teach others and it drives the teaching deep into your sub-conscious mind. 

3. Become an Expert!

Here's an interesting statistic.  If you read five books on one particular topic, that will put you in the top 1% of everybody in the world on that particular topic. I watched Bill Gates being interviewed by Charlie Rose last night.  Gates is a master at writing software and has become one of the wealthiest men in the world doing so.  However, I was impressed to hear how much of an expert he is on poverty, disease, renewable energy and a host of other topics thrown at him in the interview.  He told Rose that he reads 1-3 books every week and never "not finishes" a book even if he doesn't like it.  So, to be an expert on any subject in the world, you're only 5 books away from being in the top 5%!

4. Become an awesome leader.

Leaders don't lead the attackers.  Leaders lead the attack!  You remember William Wallace in Brave Heart?  He didn't lead because he had a title or position.  He was a leader because he won the hearts of his worriers who would follow him to the death.  That's a leader!

John Paul Gaetti became one of the wealthiest men in the world.  While others were drilling for oil randomly because of a gut feeling,  he began to read books on Geology.  He wasn't a geologist, but once he read 5 books he became and expert in the oil business and made a ton more money than anybody else. 

Stop struggling in your business. Get on the fast track for yourself and be teachable Grasshopper!
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Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Use Behavioral Psychology To Create Your Foundation For Success!

I just listened to a great training on building the foundation for real success.  Let me share what I learned.

The reason you joined Network Marketing or a home business is for the lifestyle.  You want to be free, have no boss, stay at home with your kids, travel. But focusing on the lifestyle and not achieving it can cause you to beat yourself up emotionally. "I'm a failure!"  "Why can't I do this!"

Well before you can achieve lifestyle, you must first achieve success.  That is, you must have a thriving business that generates the income to enjoy the lifestyle.  But how to you achieve success?

Before success can be achieved, you must have the right actions.  These are the IPAs of business - "Income Producing Activities." That means you have to pick up the phone, learn how to prospect effectively, how to close, how to train.  Most people in a home business spend a lot of time listening to training videos and books about "How To" do these skills.  Still, they find themselves procrastinating picking up that phone - telephonaphobia someone termed it! Again, the cycle of self doubt enters to beat you up and make you feel like a failure.  You know you should do these IPAs but you just can't make yourself do them.  Why?

Actions are produced by feelings.  If you just don't feel like it, then you don't do it - it's just that simple.  Yet you still want the lifestyle and are frustrated with where you are in life.  You might go to a seminar, read a book and get pumped up and change your feelings temporarily, but then a day later you feel the same as you did before and you again, just don't feel like doing the actions to bring you success and ultimately the lifestyle!  Vicious cycle huh!

So what causes feelings? Feelings come from beliefs. What is it inside of your mind that is actually limiting your feelings and ultimately your actions?  You have been programmed in life and by life to believe certain things about yourself and your environment.  You've heard the saying, "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy?"  Well that means that your programming is internal and goes with you wherever you go.  That's why changing locations or companies doesn't work because your internal beliefs haven't changed.

Those beliefs come from programming and if you want to change your beliefs, then you must change the programs that are running in your mind.  I used to fly C-130's in the Coast Guard.  If we plotted a course on our navigational system and engaged the auto-pilot, the plane would fly itself to the destination automatically.  You could manually force the yoke forward to a lower altitude or turn to another heading, but it was a struggle.  As soon as you let go of the controls, the plane would correct itself and re-engage the route and altitude and continue on it's programmed path.  If we wanted to change our destination, we had to disengage the auto-pilot, and reprogram the nav system to a new location, then re-engage the auto pilot and the plane would correct itself in a new direction.

Your internal programming is exactly the same.  You can force yourself to do something temporarily and it requires effort but until you change the internal programming, you'll eventually end up on the same course you were before.

So, if you want the lifestyle, you have to achieve success first.  If you want success you have to do the actions first.  If you want do do the actions, you have to have the right feelings first.  And if you want to have the right feelings you have to reprogram your mind to THINK differently before you can ever achieve the success and lifestyle you want.

Do you hear what you're thinking?  Don't believe everything you think. The middle letters in belief are LIE and most of what you believe about yourself is a lie, so learn to re-program your mind.  If you empty your wallet to change your mind, then your mind will fill your wallet.  Spend money to read, take courses, and listen to the right things that will reprogram your thinking and you're on your way to success.

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Facebook Social Media Advertizing Mastery Course

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Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green

Here's another Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
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A Better Way - Wall Street to All Streets

In this video, two Wall Street Investment Bankers share their story about why they left the high stress arena of Wall Street to build their Prosperous future in Network Marketing.  They had money, but no time, no life and no family time.  Finally, enough was enough and now they found "A Better Way!"
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Social Media Marketing At It's BEST

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It's All About Relationships!

If you're in any kind of business, you are in the Relationship Business first.  Unless you have the ability to build relationships and nurture those relationships, then your business is hindered to the degree that your relationship nurturing is limited.

Harvey MacKay, author of Swim with the Sharks set a goal as a young man to meet at least one new person every day, get their contact information, and develop a meaningful way to keep in touch with that person over the years.  That's easy if you have only 50 people on your list, but how about thousands?

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