Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Triggers Your Prospect To Open His Mind?

When you don’t understand the psychology of your prospect and their ‘buying’ motive, you’ll come across as an amateur. The indicators of an amateur are when you see yourself trying to persuade or convince a prospect and tell them all about your product, your comp plan, how great this opportunity is etc. That approach never works and you’ll build resistance from your potential business partner or customer.  The intelligent prospects will not believe your hype. And, you want intelligent people in your business.  You want to understand your client. 
Steven Covey, in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, states that , “You want to seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

Remember back to our first post.  People act on feelings that come from beliefs. So to effectively sign up people, you need to understand how motivation is created in the first place. What motivates you may not necessarily motivate the people you’re prospecting.  So let’s examine the principle on how motivation is created.

Motivation occurs when people sense an emotional gap between what people want and what they have.  Some refer to this as a person’s pain point.  Each of us has a pain point at some level. “I work too many hours and don’t have time for my family.”  “I don’t have the money to pay my bills or send my kids to college.” “I don’t have the resources to ever retire.”  These are pain points.

You may be attempting to motivate someone with money, but their motivation is time or helping others or caring for someone. You’ve missed the motivational trigger with that person.  In order to be effective, you have to do what Matt Morris calls, a “Gap Analysis.”

One man said, “I can help anyone get anything he wants. The problem is I can’t find people who really know what they want!”  If you learn the skill of asking clarifying questions to help a person uncover what it is they really want, then you’ve opened the door to share how your product or service can accomplish that need or want. There are three primary questions your prospect has when they look at your opportunity.

 1. Does it work?

People have become skeptical especially as it relates to Network Marketing, and understandably so.  People want to see proof that people are actually having success in your company.  Have you notices that infomercials typically spend at least half of the time showing other people who have had success? You need to arm yourself with stories and testimonials from people similar to your prospect that have had the success that they would like to have. Facts tell, stories sell, and it is the success stories within your company that can help your prospect answer one of their primary questions – “Does it work?”  If a person is a stay-at-home mom, do you have a success story of a stay-at-home mom? The more relatable your story or testimony, the better.

Talk about the success of your company and paint a vision of where it’s headed and put it in terms that helps your prospect see how that could relate to her.

2. Can I Do It?

This question is extremely important.  If they see it works for someone else, but don’t believe they could do it, then there’s very little hope of them joining you.  This is the number one reason people don’t join you. They don’t believe they can be successful and may be justifying that from previous failures in other companies. That’s why it’s critically important to always make your presentations stupid simple so a brand new person seeing it for the first time can say to themselves in their mind, “that’s easy… I can do that!”  

The more salesy you are, the less chance you have of enrolling people who don’t like sales. However, if you can show an easy, natural way to share your opportunity then you’re on the right track.  This is where third party information is crucially important. 

For instance, “Bob watch how simple it is for me to show this business to you.” I push play and show a video. Let the video do the work.  They can do that!  Show a website.  They can do that. But if you spout off about the ingredients of your product and the details of your comp plan, they either can’t or don’t want to do that! The more you talk, the less they will want to do what you’re doing.

If you’re doing a live presentation, then a good question you might ask the audience is this. “Can you do what the person who invited you to this presentation is doing right now?”  The person should be sitting quietly next to them!  Yep, they can do that!

Another tip to relieve a prospect’s mind is telling them this. “You have to promise me one thing. If you decide to join us you have to promise that you’re not going to go out and become a cheesy salesman!” Great!  I can do that!

Matt Morris also says that it is never a lack of time or money that hinders a person from joining you, it’s always a lack of belief that they can do it and be successful.  Tell them, “Julie, you can do this!”

3. Will You Help Me?

Many people have done Network Marketing before, but never got help when they needed it. Others have never tried it and want some assurance that you’ll be available to help when they have questions. You need to be able to tell your new business partner that you’ll walk them through everything step by step and will hold their hand until they feel comfortable.  Reassure them that they will give up on themselves long before you'll give up on them. 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fast Track To Success- Get a Mentor!

If you want to have huge success in life, find someone who has it, learn how they got it, do what they did to get it, and you'll have it yourself.  King Solomon, the richest and wisest man who ever lived, had a net worth estimated at $26 trillion dollars.  He said, "He who walks with the wise becomes wise, but a companion of fools comes to ruin!"  You learn from and become like the people you admire and to whom you open your heart and mind. 

Why should you have a mentor?  Well, why invent the average, when you can copy genius? Why try to re-invent the wheel when you already have people around who are driving on wheels on the race track going 200 mph?

Buying books and watching videos is good, but good is the enemy of GREAT!  If you want to fast track to success, find one or two mentors and devour everything they say and teach and watch how they do everything.  You have to understand their mindset and internalize it.  This idea refers back to the previous blog post on the psychology of success.  This is how you reprogram your mind so you get the right beliefs, which produce the correct feelings, that produce the actions that result in success and ultimately create the lifestyle you desire.

Don't be afraid to invest your time and money in getting a good mentor.  Fear is temporary.  Regret is forever.  If you're afraid to spend the extra money you don't have in order to get close to a mentor you may regret it for the rest of your life.

From your mentor, you'll want to learn mindset, prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing and leadership.   If you want to be a million dollar earner, learn what the million dollar earner did and probably still does, then DO THAT!  You don't want theory.  You want skills and mindset that actually work.  And you have to find a mentor with whom you have some level of rapport. Not every personality type works with each other and that's OK.  So here are some tips on working with a mentor:

1. Be humble, teachable and coachable.

If you chose a mentor, then he tells you to read a book, read the book and take notes! If your mentor tells you to listen to an audio, then listen and take notes. I've noticed when I attend a company convention or training the millionaires are always sitting on the front rows and they are all taking notes and stealing ideas from the other millionaires who are speaking.  To be a great leader, you also have to be a student and a great follower.  Shouldn't that be a hint?

It's well to respect a leader.  Learn from him.  Observe him.  Study him.  But don't worship him.  Believe that you can surpass and go beyond him and you will.  Those who harbor second best attitudes are invariably second best doers.

2. Listen and then teach what you learn the very next day.

Take notes.  Did I mention that a few times?  The dullest pencil is still sharper than the sharpest mind! You always learn more when you prepare to teach others and it drives the teaching deep into your sub-conscious mind. 

3. Become an Expert!

Here's an interesting statistic.  If you read five books on one particular topic, that will put you in the top 1% of everybody in the world on that particular topic. I watched Bill Gates being interviewed by Charlie Rose last night.  Gates is a master at writing software and has become one of the wealthiest men in the world doing so.  However, I was impressed to hear how much of an expert he is on poverty, disease, renewable energy and a host of other topics thrown at him in the interview.  He told Rose that he reads 1-3 books every week and never "not finishes" a book even if he doesn't like it.  So, to be an expert on any subject in the world, you're only 5 books away from being in the top 5%!

4. Become an awesome leader.

Leaders don't lead the attackers.  Leaders lead the attack!  You remember William Wallace in Brave Heart?  He didn't lead because he had a title or position.  He was a leader because he won the hearts of his worriers who would follow him to the death.  That's a leader!

John Paul Gaetti became one of the wealthiest men in the world.  While others were drilling for oil randomly because of a gut feeling,  he began to read books on Geology.  He wasn't a geologist, but once he read 5 books he became and expert in the oil business and made a ton more money than anybody else. 

Stop struggling in your business. Get on the fast track for yourself and be teachable Grasshopper!
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Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Use Behavioral Psychology To Create Your Foundation For Success!

I just listened to a great training on building the foundation for real success.  Let me share what I learned.

The reason you joined Network Marketing or a home business is for the lifestyle.  You want to be free, have no boss, stay at home with your kids, travel. But focusing on the lifestyle and not achieving it can cause you to beat yourself up emotionally. "I'm a failure!"  "Why can't I do this!"

Well before you can achieve lifestyle, you must first achieve success.  That is, you must have a thriving business that generates the income to enjoy the lifestyle.  But how to you achieve success?

Before success can be achieved, you must have the right actions.  These are the IPAs of business - "Income Producing Activities." That means you have to pick up the phone, learn how to prospect effectively, how to close, how to train.  Most people in a home business spend a lot of time listening to training videos and books about "How To" do these skills.  Still, they find themselves procrastinating picking up that phone - telephonaphobia someone termed it! Again, the cycle of self doubt enters to beat you up and make you feel like a failure.  You know you should do these IPAs but you just can't make yourself do them.  Why?

Actions are produced by feelings.  If you just don't feel like it, then you don't do it - it's just that simple.  Yet you still want the lifestyle and are frustrated with where you are in life.  You might go to a seminar, read a book and get pumped up and change your feelings temporarily, but then a day later you feel the same as you did before and you again, just don't feel like doing the actions to bring you success and ultimately the lifestyle!  Vicious cycle huh!

So what causes feelings? Feelings come from beliefs. What is it inside of your mind that is actually limiting your feelings and ultimately your actions?  You have been programmed in life and by life to believe certain things about yourself and your environment.  You've heard the saying, "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy?"  Well that means that your programming is internal and goes with you wherever you go.  That's why changing locations or companies doesn't work because your internal beliefs haven't changed.

Those beliefs come from programming and if you want to change your beliefs, then you must change the programs that are running in your mind.  I used to fly C-130's in the Coast Guard.  If we plotted a course on our navigational system and engaged the auto-pilot, the plane would fly itself to the destination automatically.  You could manually force the yoke forward to a lower altitude or turn to another heading, but it was a struggle.  As soon as you let go of the controls, the plane would correct itself and re-engage the route and altitude and continue on it's programmed path.  If we wanted to change our destination, we had to disengage the auto-pilot, and reprogram the nav system to a new location, then re-engage the auto pilot and the plane would correct itself in a new direction.

Your internal programming is exactly the same.  You can force yourself to do something temporarily and it requires effort but until you change the internal programming, you'll eventually end up on the same course you were before.

So, if you want the lifestyle, you have to achieve success first.  If you want success you have to do the actions first.  If you want do do the actions, you have to have the right feelings first.  And if you want to have the right feelings you have to reprogram your mind to THINK differently before you can ever achieve the success and lifestyle you want.

Do you hear what you're thinking?  Don't believe everything you think. The middle letters in belief are LIE and most of what you believe about yourself is a lie, so learn to re-program your mind.  If you empty your wallet to change your mind, then your mind will fill your wallet.  Spend money to read, take courses, and listen to the right things that will reprogram your thinking and you're on your way to success.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green

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