Training - It's All About Getting The Right Mentor!

Over the past 10 years, I've tried numerous Network Marketing companies and had very limited success.  I wrote my list, invited people to meetings, webinars, showed videos, and signed up a few distributors and made some money, but never replaced my full-time income.  There's a saying that's very true in learning to make money from home - "you can't teach what you don't know and you can't lead where you won't go!"

I've had good and well-meaning friends try to help me learn how to build a business, but only one of my closest friends actually made any substantial money.  He and his wife know how to build a great business, but they just couldn't impart the information to me clearly.  I couldn't develop the passion needed to build it big and he just couldn't train me to duplicate.  Perhaps the product just didn't capture my passion and I found it difficult to explain and share.

I finally decided to take some courses from MLM Millionaires and finally started developing a skill-set and the MIND-set (which is far more important) to start learning how to build a legitimate business that I enjoyed sharing with excitement. Here are some excellent training resources for you to consider.

Todd Falcone

Todd is the founder of "Fearless Networker" and is one of the top Network Marketing trainers in the world today.  He's very down-to-earth and direct.  He doesn't teach theory, but trains on the things that really work in the real world and removes all the fluff.  

I recently purchased one of Todd's courses Insider Secrets To Recruiting Professionals 2.0  and learned a ton of valuable insights on how to recruit professionals like Realtors, Insurance Agents and people in sales positions. It was some of the best training and scripts I'd ever seen and have been implementing it in my primary business and getting great results. 

He has a 12 week coaching and mentoring program that is top notch.  If you want to build your business quickly and on a firm foundation, I'd recommend that you have every member of your team sign up for this program.  To see what A-Team is all about, watch the video.  CLICK HERE

Todd helps you roll up your sleeves and puts you in the trenches. I personally like his personality and style and feel he's the kind of guy I'd like to hang out with in a coffee shop or in my boat catching some walleyes!  He's just a nice guy and really knows what it takes to be a Fearless Networker.  Here's a list of Todd's Courses

Eric Worre

Eric is the world's premier Network Marketing Trainer.  His events will draw as many as 20,000 home business entrepreneurs from around the world involved in any Network Marketing company. I'd highly recommend ordering Eric's book, "Go Pro"  and memorizing it.  Sign up for his free emails and watch all the free videos on his site.