Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Find The Top Online Business Opportunities

King Solomon was a king of Israel and was the richest man who ever lived. During his lifetime, his net worth was estimated at $25 TRILLION dollars! He said this, "He who walks with the wise, becomes wise, but a companion of fools comes to ruin!"
Solomon also said, "All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." So, how do you walk with the wise and find the top online business opportunities, assuming that you're a person of action and expect to do the work that's needed to make money online?

  1. Don't buy into hype! Let's face it, every opportunity claims is the newest, most awesome, has the greatest pay plan, powerline, tripple X, 18 x 200 matrix, complete with verticle acceleration, spill over, slop over, no turn over, complete free push button extra extreme, six figures per day income potential with only 15 minutes of work! Now, there are better opportunities out there than others, but don't buy the hype. Do your homework and find the right opportunity that FITS you! Not everyone will; in fact very few will after you get into them.
  2. Focus on the basics first. Regardless of what opportunity you select you have to answer this important question, "How are you going to MARKET this thing?" You can literally have the best opportunity available and if put in the hands of a successful marketer, they can make a TON of money. I'm partners with people who make over a MILLION dollars a MONTH! You might get into that business and not make a dime! If you have a great website, you MUST master the skills necessary to drive massive traffic to your website. Some of the skills you absolutely must master before spending your money is to learn how to market on the internet. This includes, but not limited to skills like, how to write effective articles, where to post them for free, how to set up a blog like this one, how to post effectively on Social Networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and one of the MOST important items that affects all the others, how do do effective and detailed key word research. (a key word is a phrase or word that search engines read and then send people that are searching for that word or phrase to the best location where that information is posted). If you can learn how to reach the front page of the search engines with your message, people will click your link and go to your page before anyone else. This skill you absolutely must master. The learning curve can be steep, but the education will make you a lot of money.
  3. Learn how to attract people and build a massive list. Any successful online business professional will tell you that "The money's in the list!" Your list is the most valuable business asset you will ever have. Recently, I heard a top internet trainer say that a list of 10,000 people is worth $1 million dollars per year. Could you imagine a retailer in your city that has 10,000 regular customers? TEN THOUSAND! You can be certain that business makes $1 million per year. The very cool and very profitable thing about having an internet business is there is relatively VERY LITTLE overhead, no employees, and you can work from anywhere and set up your own hours. Here's a RULE OF THUMB. To make 6 figures net profit online, you're going to have to have 150 people per day looking at your business and becoming part of your list. Now, that's very doable, and I personally know people who are getting over a thousand qualified prospects per day, but you really must focus on learning this. This traffic and these people will be driven to your business as you learn how to do MARKETING!!! So, forget the list of 100 names and don't bug your friends with your greatest and hottest new opportunity! You have only a 3% chance of success if you do it that way!