Monday, December 28, 2015

Why Did Todd Falcone Join SendOutCards?

Todd is not actually building and promoting SendOutCards as a business.  He signed up under Jordan Adler and almost by accident some friends asked him about it.  He had no intention of focusing on the business side of SOC.  A Realtor friend signed up and Todd thought that was pretty much the end of it.  A short while later, Jordan called Todd and informed him that he'd better take a closer look because he already had a team under him of 600 people!

Todd is focused on his training business and pretty much keeps SOC in the background and does not promote it, but because the product is so incredible, his team has built itself and he's now a Sr. Executive.  He coaches people in every business and this hangout just happens to be a team he's mentoring in SOC.

Friday, December 18, 2015

You Want A Following? Here's How It Works!

If you are building a business online, you need a following that know, like and trust you.  In today's training from Robert Hollis, you'll learn first hand how he makes $2.5 Million a year and how he's adding 500 people a month into his business.  Click THIS LINK and sign up for more valuable free videos like this. Click HERE now. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

From Drug Dealer to 3rd World School Builder

I need to share with you a story that will touch your heart and inspire your dreams.  It's about a colleague named David Frey.

David grew up in an average American home when tragedy struck in his teen years.  He was crushed with grief.  A short time later, his father remarried but David's bitterness and resentment was directed as his dad's new wife.  He quickly turned to alcohol and drugs, and became a dealer.  One day while in class, the police showed up, entered the class room, asked if he was David Frey, then cuffed him, read him his rights and marched him past his class mates to jail at the age of 17.

While in his cell, David fell to the floor and looking up to God declared, "I am better than this!" He claims that this was his first "I Am" statement that changed his life.

Since then David has changed his life and ended up a top leader in corporate America, but then decided he was better than that as well.  He joined an incredible company and ended up achieving his dream of being a 3rd World School Builder.  Here's his incredible story!  3rd World School Builder!

Monday, December 14, 2015

6 Tips to Make Your Mind - MIND!

Napoleon Hill said one of the most quoted statements in modern history. "What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!"  The rest of the quote isn't stated quite so often, "regardless of  how many times you may have failed in the past!"   The challenge you and I face is how do get our mind to behave so that we make it "conceive and believe" without being distracted so easily.

When your mind doesn't focus it manifests itself in three ways:

  1. You don't care about what you're currently doing.
  2. Your attention gets easily focused on problems rather than progress.
  3. Your mind wanders wherever it pleases.
If your mind is constantly somewhere else then you are unable to focus on productivity and you're not acting efficiently.  As Zig Ziglar puts it, "We become a wandering generality rather than a meaningful specific."  Your mind is like the cowboy riding a wild bronc - it rides off in ALL directions!

When you have a lack of focus, you easily make errors, you execute poor judgment and you miss opportunities to be productive. When you are able to control a wandering mind, you live a better life, your thoughts and actions harmonize and you can zero in on targeted activities.
Here are 6 Tips to make your mind - MIND!

1. Have a DESIRE to focus your mind.

You can't make your mind concentrate unless you really want to.  You have to have the desire to train your thoughts and make them what you want them to be.  It's difficult! But if you can focus your thoughts and channel the power of your mind on a desired task or objective miraculous things start to happen. If you took a magnifying glass and used it for reading, it's a useful tool.  However, that same magnifying glass can be used to focus light rays from the sun to a focal point and ignite a fire. That is the kind of power that occurs when one desires to focus his mind.

2. Track the amount of time your mind wanders.

How many minutes per hour are you allowing your mind to wander and get off focus?  A useful tool might be to track those times. You need diversions and times when your mind is in neutral, but if you leave it there, your dreams and priorities suffer.

3. Find a motivation that drives your passions.

All successful people in life that I've met have a very specific, detailed written picture of what they want. Most even create a dream board that fuels their passion and helps remind them WHY they are doing what they are and keeps them motivated.  Take the time to detail your "WHY."  Be very detailed.  Describe your perfect day, how you feel, what you will wear, what smells surround you, what are views your eyes see and the sounds your ears hear?  It has to be YOUR dream day, and the most specific you are at writing it down, the more motivating it will be.

4. Remind yourself of the benefits and blessings of being in the present moment.

You have to live in the here and now and enjoy the moment.  I try to start my day by journaling three things for which I am grateful. Don't allow your thinking to slip into regrets of the past or worries of the future.  Enjoy every moment as if it were your last - one day it will be!

5. Practice strong will power and self-discipline.

Truly successful people control themselves by the thoughts and actions they permit. You can't lead or persuade others if you can't even control yourself.

6. Practice concentration exercises.

In today's fast paced, cell phone, media environment distractions are far too easy.  My wife reminds me when we go out to eat at a restaurant, to put my cell phone away and concentrate on the here and now with her instead of being distracted by checking my email or Facebook! Some tips for concentration might be writing a detailed page or dream or plan that you have.  Meditation and letting your mind focus in silent solitude away from any distractions.  Try it.