Sunday, June 28, 2015

Appreciation Marketing Wins Every Time

There is a difference between  promotion marketing and APPRECIATION  marketing.  Appreciation marketing is when you make a customer, prospect, friend feel appreciated with no hidden agenda. It can be as simple as sending a real card through the mail and possibly a couple of Mrs. Fields Cookies.  Statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate that when a customer or prospect feels appreciated, business profits can rise as much as 80%.

Tony Robins' front man does a lot of coaching and training around the world and has several categories of contacts.  He previously used to hire some part time helpers to bake 100 dozen cookies, package them, and spent hours selecting greeting cards, putting a message in them, and taking it all to the post office to mail them off.  The challenges with this type of High Touch Appreciation marketing, are time, cost and convenience; until now! 

Now there is a Master Relationship Marketing Tool that does everything I've described with one CLICK.  A company called SendOutCards has done for the Greeting Card and Gifting Industry what iTunes did for music and Netflix did for movies.  They've taken the Brick and Mortar and made it Click and Order.Watch this short video to see how SendOutCards made all this possible with one "CLICK" from his chair!

This is a fabulous system for anyone in any kind of business, whether it be retail, MLM, affiliate marketing, real estate, car sales - and the list goes on.  Families (even the kids) love sending cards from their computer or cell phone! 

Another feature SendOutCards just released in June 2015 is a "Custom Branding Feature" that allows an individual or business to create 10 different Logo lay-outs and they can assign that logo to be placed on the back of every card that's printed.  Watch the video and you'll see how cool this is.

The way the SendOutCards product is marketed is by giving a person a free customer account, and taking 10 minutes to help them send a card to someone they care about.  Then you follow up to show appreciation by sending them a card and a couple of brownies and show them the video on how to make money!

CEO Kody Bateman has developed a brilliant and very fun system to use as well as a world-class business opportunity.  Make a Living by Being Nice To People!  If you'd like to send a card to someone you care about email me or call and let me know that you'd like to try it!  Warning!  It's VERY addictive!   Greg  406-461-2519