Sunday, November 22, 2015

Injured Mechanic Finds Mentor - Makes $46 Million!

Robert Hollis comes from an unlikely background to be a Multi-Millionaire. He has made $46 million and about $2.5 million per year in commissions, has almost 1 million distributors globally and in his present new venture is adding 500 people per day without approaching previous business partners. He doesn't do three way calls, home meetings, doesn't call leads and very little face to face, belly-to-belly prospecting but with technology he's in front of 600 plus people a day.  He works almost exclusively from his computer and smart phone and loves technology to build his global empire from his home office in Laurel, Montana. 

Abandoned as a young boy and raised in foster homes he learned that he was Dyslexic and had a challenge learning in the average manner. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was an ASE mechanic until a van came off a lift and injured his leg and destroyed his career. Swamped in debt and unable to pay his rent and forced to park his car blocks away from his apartment to hide from the REPO man, he was hopeless and desperate.

That's when his life changed.  A friend invited him to meet a guy who was making $62,000 a month and wanted to teach others how to do the same. He credits his success to finding a mentor to guide him toward his success. He's now a bestselling author in spite of his learning challenges and has personally mentored 45 people to also make over $1 Million a year and has helped 10s of thousands create 6 figure incomes and never have to work for anyone else again. His greatest joy is helping others succeed and it is apparent when you meet him.

Hollis emphatically claims, "I'm a really simple guy and the key to huge success is KISS "Keep It Super Simple!" so that the average guy like me can have whatever level of success he wants. He notes that there are a lot of educated and talented people who don't succeed. Traditional education doesn't teach a person to think the right way and succeed.  "I've been in several companies that failed, but I learned the skills and mind-set that allowed me to rise to the top in 7 companies quickly; because once you learn how to think and what to do, you can do it again as many times as you need. But, I've also learned how to teach others to do the same thing. There are a lot of people in our industry who know how to build a business, but few know how to teach others how to do it over and over again if they need to.

His unassuming manner puts you at ease and he never asks a person to buy or join him in business. You just "want" to be around him and be part of his life cause he's just a genuinely, average guy, with an uncanny wisdom to cut through the BS and helps you look at yourself.  "People know what they should be doing, but their thoughts and limited beliefs keep them stuck.  The first priority is to help a student change their perspective and quit listening to their past and their present beliefs so they can begin succeeding.

When you first meet Robert, you immediately feel that he has a huge heart and loves to help other people succeed. You would never guess he's a multi-millionaire unless you saw him drive up in his $330,000 12 cylinder black Roles Royce Ghost. His focus is on YOU and you know you have met a genuine friend whose interest is in helping you. Unlike other top earners in the Direct Sales business, he makes himself available, and meets for lunch just to help you. It's very apparent that he loves what he does - helping others succeed and not shuffling them off to someone else!

He says he used to be an Auto Mechanic, but now he's a LIFE Mechanic  Life Mechanic Click HereHe created an on-line digital platform Life Mechanic University where people with little or no experience can follow a step by step formula to build any business and plug into groups of other entrepreneurs who help encourage each other and stay focused on changing their lives. In spite of his Dyslexia, Hollis is also the author of the bestselling book "How's That Working?" which can be purchased through Amazon.

You’ll laugh, cringe, and be shocked at times at his "blue collar" blunt, straight-forward "in-your-face" style of teaching, then find yourself amused at his little boy humor as he regularly laughs uncontrollably at his own jokes. He's dead serious however when he's telling you what you need to do to be successful in business.  His documented success is unparalleled in the industry.  Don't underestimate his casual style when he shows up or presents to thousands of entrepreneurs on stage wearing his Tommy Bahama shirt and shorts and no socks. He says he's just always ready to go to the tropics whenever he's invited!