Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Amazing Scientific Health Breakthrough!

It's rare that medical science makes a revolutionary breakthrough. Things like polio, small pocks vaccines changed the world and people's lives.

With the brilliance of Dr. Gary Samuelson (Atomic Medical Physicist) and his team we now have access to Redox Signaling Molecules.  Now, I'm sure you are asking, "What is a Redox  Signaling Molecule." Simply put, they are the magic molecules in the human body that allow your cells to communicate with each other effectively.

When you were an infant, your cells multiplied and talked to each other perfectly. Your skin was soft and your muscles never hurt even after hours of activity.  The older you got, the less effective your cellular communication became. Age takes a toll on all of us.

Imagine what could happen if you could rejuvenate your communication network so that your cells reproduced more effectively and acted as they were designed when you were an infant. Your heart, lungs, skin, and every system in your body would begin to repair itself and turn back the clock.

A recent study conducted at  Metabolomics Laboratory, North Carolina Research Campus, David H. Murdock Research Institute resulted in amazement and shock by the research laboratory. Never before seen results were discovered with the effect of Redox Signaling Molecules taken into the body by drinking a supplement called ASEA. Watch the video for yourself and hear the excitement in the voice of the researchers 

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